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Just in time for the Holidays. Soon I will have tallow butter, lip balm, lotion bars and more available for pickup, delivery and at the Aloha Friday Market in Waiohinu!! These are great items made with products from our Ranch!

Tallow Butter- Tallow butter is tallow and other oils mixed with essential oils to make an amazing body butter. Tallow is rendered beef fat and is amazing for healing your skin. The other oils added help heal and protect your skin, hydrate your skin and are antibacterial and antifungal. The nutrients found in this butter also help with skin damage, and healing to scars, sun damage and wounds! The tallow we render is from our orange/grass fed/finished beef that we raise on our ranch.

Lip Balm- Our lip balm is full of moisturizing oils, butters and our beeswax. We use pure, organic ingredients and as many ingredients as we can from our ranch. I love to test different scents and flavors so if you have a combo you like please let us know!

Lotion Bars- Our lotion bars are soft enough to melt in your hand but not make a mess in your bag! I love using high quality oils, butters and our beeswax to make these amazing lotion bars.

Candles- If I have enough beeswax left over I love to make candles. I make fragrance free candles and candles with essential oils. Candles are made with beeswax, organic expeller pressed coconut oil, essential oils and have wood wicks.

Beeswax Food Covers- I really hope to make some of these before the Holidays. They are fun to make but time consuming and with oranges in season, homeschooling, art class, deliveries, baseball and farmers market it's hard to find the time to dedicate to these amazing covers. I love the covers b/c they are a great way to save on plastic. They work well over bowls or wrap sandwiches or snacks.

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