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Orange Season has BEGUN

We just finished week 2 of orange season. It was a bit of a crazy week trying to figure out how to fit our new life schedule into orange season. In the past we did school when we could and did a lot of unschooling. This year we changed a bit and are doing a more "conventional" schooling and so it's taking more time...and more time then we guessed!!

In a week or two Josh will be starting a new job off the farm. So we will have more changes to work with! Currently this is what our week looks like:

Monday: School 8-1

Farm work 1-?

every other Monday art class from 11:30-4 so school only goes from 8-11.

Tuesday: School 8-1

Josh picks oranges for deliveries and takes whatever kids are available.

Baseball 3:00-6:00

Wednesday: School with JOSH!!!! 8-?

Some kids stay with Josh and work others go with me on delivery

Deliveries to Hilo

Thursday: School with JOSH!!! 8-?

Deliveries to Kona

Some kids stay with Josh and work and others go with me on delivery.

Baseball 3:00-6:00

Bible Study 7:00-?

Friday: NO SCHOOL!!

Farmers Market 7:00-3:00

Saturday: We try to do something fun if possible on Saturday or get projects completed

Sunday: Day of rest and day to worship God.

So as of now our week is a bit hectic and doesn't leave much room for extra. We make time for friends when needed and do enjoy hitting the beach or hiking when we can. We all know orange season comes with sacrifices and it's all worth it in the end. We live and work on a beautiful orchard surrounded by God's creation. The weather is amazing 95% of the time and it's a great workout for us all! Not to mention we have A LOT of family time!!

Anyone else want to share how their hectic family schedule works for them??

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