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-01-03 what information should i provide on launchpad for the bluez5 problem? Guest4169, bluez5? we dont know, what problem? OerHeks: Launchpad bug 1766588 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Bluez 5.48 supports the secure authentication of devices but "conn request" from applications doesn't" [Undecided,New] a sec, gettting some coffee, checking thanks support is in #ubuntu, join and read the man page yourself, not a bugreport OerHeks: this is a launchpad bug, not an ubuntu bug. Guest4169, ah, you want to report a bug, right? OerHeks: yes wait, i think that bugreport is not a duplicate give him more details for his issue Bluetooth bug 1823 in bluetooth "Bluetooth support for secure authentication not working" [Normal,New] Guest4169, how do you communicate with the device? OerHeks: I do it through blueman-applet that is not secure ask the manufacturer, in that github issue, to implement security, so oyu can use his name for the bugreport ^----- take a look at that, i am sure the problem you have is there OerHeks: I just tried and I got a "Connection refused" message Guest4169, give us more info, where did you connect to, what is your



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Left 4 Dead 2 Crack Launcher No Survey No Password 2019

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