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How we got to the Big Island of Hawaii!

Our quick journey started in 2015 when we took a working vacation to help our friends on the property they bought on the Big Island. We enjoyed three amazing weeks working and exploring.

Now back up a few months before that...we are living in COLD North Dakota. At the time we have 4 kids and we own a construction company, WesterLine Builders. Josh's business was flourishing but the winters were hard on our growing family. We had decided we needed to move. Our plans were to try Montana or Idaho. We jumped in head first and put our house that we had just built in New Salem, North Dakota on the market. During the time it was on the market we thought it would be a good time to get out of cold North Dakota and check out some of the towns we were interested us in Montana and Idaho. At the same time we got asked to visit Hawaii. So we took long trip and drove from North Dakota to East Wenatchee, Washington. We spent 2 weeks with friends in Washington and then headed to Hawaii.

After 3 weeks in Hawaii and being offered some property we decided that was where we wanted to move. After our vacation we got really serious on selling our house but knew we didn't really want to move until after our 5th child was born. We prayed and waited for our house to be sold. In the Lord's time it all came into place and when our youngest was 2 months old we packed a shipping container and a few bags, drove to California and got on a plane to move to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years. I am sitting in the house my hubby and kids built surrounded by beautiful trees and listening to tons of different birds sing. The current temperature is 75 with overcast skies and bouts of rain but I still love living here!

We moved here with the intention of selling oranges. That has now expanded into beef, honey and goodies from our property! I never in a million years who have imagined myself on the Big Island, very very far from "home" (Pittsburgh Pa) with 5 kids, 30+ head of cattle, 30+ chickens and ducks, a horse, a few dogs, a cat, goats and donkey's. But I find comfort in knowing God had and has a plan for us and He knows best.

We will continue to raise our children here and keep on going until the Lord tells us otherwise. Hang on for a wild ride!

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